GraphQL is a very powerful query language that minimizes calls from a client to a server. Since WordPress is one of the most used publications tools, it can be interesting to use it with GraphQL.

Provide a GraphQL endpoint in WordPress

The principle of GraphQL is to provide an endpoint on which we will make a call to retrieve data. For WordPress to provide this, I installed wp-graphql.

To install it, download the latest version of the plugin from and upload the file into the WordPress dashboard.

After activating the plugin, make sure that it works by opening the URL https: // ADDRESS_DU_SITE_WORDPRESS/graphql. An error message similar to the following screenshot should then appear.

Retrieve some data

We will now try to make requests to retrieve data from the WordPress site.

For that, I use Insomnia which offers very nice features to work with GraphQL, just to mention autocompletion or  automatic indentation.

I create a new query in Insomnia and I the GraphQL endpoint as URL. I then select GraphQL as data type sent by Insomnia and I start editing the contents of the query.

Here is the example of a query that retrieves the last 10 articles with their URL and their featured images:

  posts (first: 10){

Voila, we can now use GraphQL to retrieve data from a WordPress site.