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Integrate GraphQL with WordPress

GraphQL is a very powerful query language that minimizes calls from a client to a server. Since WordPress is one of the most used publications tools, it can be interesting to use it with GraphQL.

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Deploy a Docker image on Rancher with Gitlab CI

I recently started working with Docker images that we build through our continuous integration pipe. Gitlab CI is an accessible and easy-to-use tool and we’ll see how to use it to deploy docker images on Rancher.

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Git cache for continuous integration jobs

In this article, I will explain how I solved a large git repository clone issue we had during our continuous integration job.

The fact is that we have a Cordova project using multiple plugins. Most of these plugins are stored in git repositories and some of them or their dependencies are really large. This can slow our job execution or even make it fail (due to timeout) as it depends on our internet connection..

I decided to find a way to “cache” repository so the build jobs wouldn’t use internet connection each time they need to clone the plugin repository without changing plugins files.

The solution I found was to use our  locally hosted gitlab as a mirror for the large repository and force git to use it using the git configuration “insteadOf”

I created a new repository in our gitlab to host the large plugin repository and I cloned it’s content from remote location once. I then added the following configuration for git inside the CI job runner machine:

git config --global url."<url of local gitlab mirror>".insteadOf "<url of primary repository>"

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